Royal Flight or Fright?!? (Singles Update)

I looked over at Sis. Allie as we swung over the edge of the Royal Gorge. Her face was white with fear as she gripped the railing in the car. “Serena, what if this car falls…. or the ropes snap…or….” “We will die quick and will never know what happened!” said Bro.Matthew. Allie rolled her eyes. “That’s not funny.” Melissa wasn’t fazed at all by the fact that we we’re dangling between two cliffs with nothing but air underneath us. Sis.Andrea Bauer also, sat happily on the bench munching on some cheese nips while exclaiming how beautiful the view was. Even though we we’re going like 2mph, Bro. Matthew said “Wow, we are going so fast!” Lol. When we got off, we found ourselves climbing hills to the few sparse attractions that we’re available at the Royal Gorge. We found the slingshot which we decided not to do. Bro.Matthew and Allie we’re arguing who was going to go on the zipline….(which cost 50.00 a person for 50 seconds) Who was going to pay? Was it worth the rush of adrenaline as you zip-lined over a gorge? Me and Melissa had already decided that we we’re not going to do that since we saw a helicopter that was offering rides for the same price as the zip-line. I think the heat got to Bro.Matthew because after taking a moment of sipping on a blue raspberry slushee and sitting under a tree, he decided to ride the helicopter- along with Allie.

30 minutes later….. we all we’re standing next to a beautiful helicopter taking a group picture. And guess what else? The pilot let me ride in front! Allie was so excited she kept talking the whole ride and telling her sister Melissa that this was the most awesome thing that we ever did, and when she can-IMG_0956.JPG she is going to fly one day:)

Serena Gonzales



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