Sunday School Department

A new quarter is under way! And though many things stay the same a few things change. In the Sunday school department a few exciting things have changed! Sis Denise and Sis Jane are starting of this quarter as the new teachers. With so much to look forward to they are diving right in! Stay tuned as the kids learn to follow Jesus’ example. Their first Sunday they talked about being a servant. Here are the children with their servant puppets!

The last two quarters have been a journey from the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus through the exciting events of the book of Acts! We followed the apostles as the preached with out fear, Peter on the day of Pentecostsunday school the conversion of Paul and many more.

The kids have done so well memorizing the important points and memory work along the way. They have learned the Fruit of the Spirit, the 12 disciples, the Lords Prayer,and the books of the New Testament among other things. As the gospel spread from Jerusalem the kids kept a passport for the record. And hopefully the theme of the Great commission will stick with them.

“GO ye therefore and TEACH all nations Baptizing them in the name of Jesus!”

Thank you for the pleasure of working with each and every one of these children these past several months! I hope they have enjoyed it as much as Sis. Corina and I have!

God Bless!

~Sis. Andrea B.

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