Newest Member Spotlight!!

Aubrey Valdez was blessed with the Holy Ghost on August 9th, 2019. It was her first time attending a church camp meeting.

She was having a blast Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

Then on Friday night the power of God fell and she simply surrendered herself to Jesus and was filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues! Aubrey says, “It felt amazing and all I could think about was getting baptized!” Aubrey was baptized in the name of Jesus on October 20, 2019.

After her baptism she was all smiles and said “This felt amazing! Now I’ve started my new life with Jesus!”

Aubrey is 9 years old, she was born in Colorado springs and moved to Trinidad when she was a baby. She is now in the 4rth grade and goes to school in Hoehne, Col. When asked what her favorite thing to participate in is , Aubrey responds,”I love to make people happy and I love to laugh!!” Anyone who has spent time around her can attest to that! Our little Aubrey is a very happy, loving, considerate little sister! We are so blessed to have her as part of the First Pentecostal church family!!IMG_0043

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