Destiny’s surprise baby shower……”NOT”!!!!

I was sitting in the waiting room at my O.B. appointment when my mom’s  phone began burning up with messages, I mentioned this to her so she begins to fish out her phone from her purse. “Oh, it’s a church group chat your phone  should be burning up too!” she exclaims!!! “Uh Oh”……”Whoops”……mom sheepishly glances at me as I peer over her shoulder and read the group text announcing a surprise baby shower for my baby!! Oh well…my bad.

In the aftermath of stumbling on my surprise, it’s time for the wonderful event…the baby shower!  As I step into the room full of guest, my nose is greeted with delicious smells wafting through the house. The ladies of this church are some of the best cooks ever! Yum!! What can I say ,the food was scrumptious and the fellowship amazing! Baby Uriah’s gifts were heart felt, I personally would like to thank all you sweet ladies for your thoughtfulness and gifts. I also decree and declare a special “Thank You” to Desirae Baca My bestie, I love you!

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