Three Day Blast Revival

Our three-day revival blast kicked off in Ecclesiastes chapter 10, with Rev. Terry Davis reminding us how easy living for God can be if we’ll just learn to sharpen the saw. In his message he reminded us that revival is not free but will indeed cost us everything. Sharpening the saw means the church must remain in the prayer closet until we encounter the power of God. It means learning to love the word of God, digging into His word, and incorporating it into our lives. It requires learning to be sensitive to the Holy Ghost, and walking in the spirit, allowing His spirit to guide us. Walking with God, with a sharpened saw, will not only make the walk more enjoyable, it will also ensure victory in every situation we encounter. -Sis Annette

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Pentecostal by experience, Apostolic in doctrine - One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism! Pastor of First Pentecostal Church of Trinidad, Colorado

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